Choosing a Penny Board

It’s the 21st century and people have various activities they consider as their hobbies. Some teenagers are fond of video games, others are so much into sports such as swimming and basketball, but most teenagers and young adults have other active hobbies such as skateboarding.

Skateboarding has become popular not only to boys but to girls as well. Because it is a very enjoyable activity, almost everyone is dying to try it out. But skateboarding is not as easy as it looks. You need a lot of practice to be able to do it. Good thing skateboarding became much easier because of the ‘mini’ version of these skateboards. These are the well-known penny boards.

The use of penny boards became an instant hit because of the popularity of its various attractive designs and being handy. It is also easier to use due to its smaller size. No wonder it is the more popular option compared to skateboards. But just like any other boards, you also have to look for certain characteristics to pick the best one on the market. To help you with that, here are some things to consider in choosing a good penny board.
man on a penny board

Traits of Quality Penny Boards


Sure enough, penny boards also come in various sizes just like other things we use every day. There are sizes that are recommended for levels of skateboarding expertise. The three most popular penny board sizes are 36”, 27” and 22”. The 36” penny board is already considered a long board and it is the least popular among the penny board sizes. This size is ideal for amateur or beginner skateboarders who just want to cruise along as it is perfect for controlling balance. If you are an intermediate skateboarder and are into a few tricks, then the 27” size is perfect for you. This size is just perfect for those who love cruising and throwing a few tricks. But, if you already consider yourself an expert, then you might want to consider getting a 22” penny board. This comes very handy and can be stored inside your backpack because of its small size. This is also the perfect size for anyone who loves speeding down a hill or doing the highest leaps.


A penny board is useless if it doesn’t last long as you ride it on. It is designed primarily to carry you around to make cruising possible. Its board is usually made of durable hardened plastic material, such as hardened PP or polypropylene. Such durable materials make a perfect balance of flexibility and resilience. As for the wheels, the most common penny boards will have wheels made of PVC or polyvinyl chloride, but a tougher penny board will have wheels made of polyurethane. It must also have a truck formed from cast alloy aluminum for smoother turns. Bearings are also as important as any other part, so there is no room for low quality ones. The most common bearings are made of chrome steel, but quality always depends on price.


Most of the time, the price alone gives a hint as to what kind of penny board you are holding. More expensive ones usually have high quality materials, while cheaper ones settle for the most common materials. It is always better to choose a high quality penny board to get the best value for your money. This might also save you a lot of effort and money from unexpected instances of destruction. Also, save extra money for future upgrades and change of materials such as bearings. This will give you great penny board that will last a lifetime.


Now that you’ve read this you know what a goof penny board looks like. You can purchase one at a local retailer near you, or online on sites like Amazon. Additionally if you’d like our opinion on the best penny board, we’d go with the Kryptonics Torpedo. Read this review of it and make your own decision:

The Different Types of Exercise Bikes

Thinking about losing that extra weight that you recently gained? There are a lot of ways to shed off some pounds, but when you can’t afford an expensive gym subscription or are pressed for time, then your options may be limited.

One of the best things to do would be to purchase your own exercise bikes. They are very affordable and highly efficient in burning those unwanted calories. Check on this guide on the different types of exercise bikes to help you decide which one is best for you.

Types of Exercise Bikes


If you are looking for an easy workout, the Upright Bike may just be what you are looking for. This is the one of the most popular exercise bikes because it has a straightforward design that does what it is meant to do. The pedals are positioned under the body, so you maintain a relaxed, upright position while doing your workout and worry less about getting any back injury.

Upright stationary bikes are equipped with a comfortable seat, sturdy handles, and smooth-moving pedals that will give you a great ride. You also have the option of buying upright stationary bikes that come with advanced features, like an LCD screen to track your time and heart rate.

Upright stationary bikes are small and can easily be folded and put away. It won’t take up a lot of your living space or storage space, so it is the perfect addition to your home workout equipment.


If you have problems with your posture and have a hard time keeping your body upright, then the recumbent stationary bikes are the best ones for you. It has a very comfortable chair that resembles a real chair – with a wide seat and a cushy backrest. The pedals are positioned right in front of your body, so you recline when using the machine.

A reclining posture will promote blood flow to the legs while you are exercising. Plus, it wouldn’t put so much strain on your back. This type is highly recommended for the elderly and those who are battling obesity.

Recumbent bikes can be quite huge and heavy, so you need to have ample space for it in your home if you plan to purchase it.

Desk Bikes

Desk bikes are very similar to recumbent bikes. The only difference is that it does not have a built-in chair. You need to sit on your own chair in order to use the machine. This is a much lighter version of the recumbent bike and can easily be stored when not in use.

Spinning Stationary Bikes

Among all the types of exercise bikes, this type looks the most like a real bike. It is a bit heavy and it will take up a lot of space, but it is assembled in such a way that your form while on it is very much similar to when you ride a real bike.

It has wide, comfortable seats, and a handle that is farther from your seat, causing you to lean forward a little in order to get a grip. It also has a unique pedal system that will keep spinning even if you stop exerting energy to move your legs. It would definitely push you beyond your limits and help you burn all those unwanted fats.

Dual-Action Stationary Bikes

This type of bike demands the most work from you and is the most effective in burning calories. They look very similar to upright exercise bikes, but they have moving handlebars. So, while you are pedaling in an upright position, your arms move in rowing motions, too. It lets you enjoy a total body workout where you can tone your abs, legs, arms, and blast a lot of calories at the same time.

It is huge and heavy, so it is not something that you can store when not in use.

best exercise bike

The Bottom line

While they all exist for the same purpose, different types of exercise bikes have their own set of pros and cons. These will be the things that you have to consider when you purchase an exercise bike. When you do start your workout, don’t forget to enjoy and stay disciplined so as not to waste all the time and effort you spent working out on your bikes.

Why Cycle To Lose Weight

When it comes to losing weight, cardio is definitely the choice for many.

People prefer to run, cycle, swim, or dance. The list can go on.

We’re here today to discuss why you should cycle to lose weight.

And that’s because, unlike running, you still get to sit on your butt! And cycling can be more fun.

With a bike and two wheels, you can cover more ground that way.
Cover greater distances means more mileages covered faster, and you’ll be able to see more scenery than running, swimming, or dancing.

So why wait? Pick up a bike and give it a try!

The least you can do is rent one at your local shop and see how you like it.